There are so many different flavours for you to choose from, here is the list of flavours that we make in both Cupcake form and Cake form;

Firstly before you look through our delicious range of flavours you must choose what type of cake or cupcake you want. Remember that our minimum order is 6 cupcakes!



14 inch Animated Cake £65
14 inch Circular Cake £50
11 inch Circular Cake £40
9 inch Circular Cake
1 Regular Cupcake £3
6 Regular Cupcakes
12 Regular Cupcakes
24 Regular Cupcakes
1 Ice Cream Cupcake
12 Ice Cream Cupcakes
24 Ice Cream Cupcakes £65


NOTE: A choice of butter cream flavour and colour are all included in the price list above as well as the addition of sprinkles on the top however, for a bespoke design on your cupcakes or ice cream cupcakes, this will incure a cost of 50p per cupcake/ice cream cupcake. Look below to decide which kind of bespoke design you require. If you cannot find what you are looking for then please don’t hestitate to contact me via this link contact page or send me an email to as we believe here at Jennifer’s Cakes that anything is possible so please get in contact with your ideas!


Now it is time to choose which flavour or flavours you would like…


   Vintage Vanilla – The good old fashioned vanilla sponge, you can never go wrong with a vanilla sponge.
   Devils Chocolate – Deliciously deciadent Chocolate sponge.
   The ‘Best’ Lemon Drizzle you will ever have – This sweet and tangy sponge offers a will experiencefor the taste buds.
   Velvety Red Velvet Sponge – The delicioudly delicate red velvet sponge offers a chocolatey flavour.
   Beautiful Banana and Chocolate Chip – Who would have thought, with the addition of chocolate, this banana sponge has been brought to life.
   White Chocolate- White chocolate sponge offers a creamy alternative to the Devils Chocolate Sponge.
   Cherry Bakewell – This sponge is light with a delightfully nutty flavour finished off with homemade raspberry jam.
   Chocolate Orange Cupcakes – These delicious mix of chocolate and orange are stupendous however, when you bite inside you may be suprised with what you might find…
  Cookie Dough  Cupcakes- This insane flavour works perfectly as a cupcake and when you bite into it, you may be surpised by what you find…


































These are only available in cupcake form;

These flavours are for ADULTS ONLY as they do contain alcohol.

   Champagne and Strawberry- These flavours work in perfect unicen providing a perfect addition to your afternoon cup of tea or tea party.
   Mojito – These would be great on a Hen night or Stag or even a girly night in.









Not only can you buy cupcakes and cakes, you are also able to select your very own flavour of butter cream icing. Unlike other cupcake companies, Jennifer’s Cakes give you the opportunity to choose the flavour of butter cream you would like as well as the colours.



-Vanilla Pod Butter Cream             – Chocolate Butter Cream

– Rose Butter Cream                          – Orange Butter Cream

– Lemon Butter Cream                      – Lime Butter Cream

– White Chocolate Butter Cream   – Champagne Butter Cream



Rose Piping, French Groove Piping, Grass Piping and Mr Wippy Piping. Which you can see on our gallery page.

Two toned icing – £0.10/cupcake

Icing Flowers and shapes of your choice are all including in the bespoke design pricing.

Chocolate Flake- these are a perfect addition to finish off each ice cream cupcake and the price of these are included in the bespoke design pricing of 50p per cupcake or ice cream cupcake.

What are you waiting for… get ordering! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE- Just get into contact!!!

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