Suprising Kids at a Birthday Party

As any parent would already know, there is nothing better then seeing a child’s face light up on their birthday. Now, take a step back and picture a whole room of children at a birthday party, all with the biggest smiles you have ever seen. Now that is where Jennifer´s Cakes can help. Over the past year we here at Jennifer´s Cakes have been lucky enough to do well in excess of 100 birthday parties and i do not think that that we have EVER left one without a smile on every child’s face (bar the few who are deeply saddened by that fact we have to leave). It is pretty standard to have a set of regular cupcakes or birthday cakes which of course makes kids smile however, what if you could try something a little different this year? The new craze which has taken over Jennifer´s Cakes is the ability to make a favourite food or candy into a cake or many cakes. If you love sushi, then making cakes in the shape of sushi, or hamburgers… what ever you can imagine, we can make into a cake. Here is an incredible ‘Jungle Cake’ which will have your children smiling for ear to ear.


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