Suprising Kids at a Birthday Party

As any parent would already know, there is nothing better then seeing a child’s face light up on their birthday. Now, take a step back and picture a whole room of children at a birthday party, all with the biggest smiles you have ever seen. Now that is where Jennifer´s Cakes can help. Over the past year we here at Jennifer´s Cakes have been lucky enough to do well in excess of 100 birthday parties and i do not think that that we have EVER left one without a smile on every child’s face (bar the few who are deeply saddened by that fact we have to leave). It is pretty standard to have a set of regular cupcakes or birthday cakes which of course makes kids smile however, what if you could try something a little different this year? The new craze which has taken over Jennifer´s Cakes is the ability to make a favourite food or candy into a cake or many cakes. If you love sushi, then making cakes in the shape of sushi, or hamburgers… what ever you can imagine, we can make into a cake. Here is an incredible ‘Jungle Cake’ which will have your children smiling for ear to ear.


2 Responses to “Suprising Kids at a Birthday Party”

  1. Silly Scott

    Hi Jennifer, I love your blog and your cakes look amazing. As I’m a full time Children’s Entertainer here in the UK, I am always looking for party food/decoration theme ideas to share with my clients and parents on my Facebook page.

    I will definitely be sharing your wonderful blog with them, thank you sooooo much.


    Children’s Entertainer & Magician

  2. Babaara shareef

    I must say your provided ideas are great and help me to spend my enough time with my kids. The birthday of my daughter is near, at the end of this December. You made my day by posting such valuable post.

    I will be in touch for more such great ideas. Thanks


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