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Whist travelling through the Andes, one staple that you always find throughout Peru in every bakery is Ciabatta rolls. I know it’s crazy to find an Italian delicacy all the way in Peru, however it seems to be a common theme here. It is always delicious and a no-brainer when you want to buy bread…. More »

As some of my regular readers know already, both my husband and I have been travelling the world and have found ourselves settling in the beautiful town of Pisac, Cusco in Peru, South America. Surrounded by mountains and the stunning Urubumba River, Pisac has been like a home to us and of course I have… More »

Ever since I was a little girl the words that were drummed into me from a very young age were; ‘Flavour is the key’. It doesn’t matter if the cupcake looks divine; cupcakes are superfluous if they do not have flavour. Flavour is the key to success. Flavour is the reason why I became addicted… More »