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When spending time with family, it always makes me think of wonderfully delicious treats which I used to enjoy back home as a young child. These treats include; strudel, grandma’s biscuits and many more sweet treats. However, I am going to give you a recipe for a dessert so delish, that you will be begging… More »

Usually, after a day of baking I like to search the internet for all new, exciting recipes and ideas. Whilst searching the internet, I came across this recipe and thought I would share it with you as it is just ‘Divine’. Let me know what you think…

White Chocolate cupcakes I Love everything that is to do with chocolate so when I started thinking of how to incorporate my favourite type of chocolate (white chocolate) into a cupcake, I came up with this idea. Ingredients; 250g Golden Caster Sugar 250g Butter or low fat spread at room temperature 250g self raising flour… More »