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Are you looking for a collection of naughty but delicious cupcakes for a hen you are planning? Want something that will not only WOW the bride but also everyone at the party? Well get into contact and start the order process TODAY! Cupcakes really are the staple when planning a hen party. They bring a… More »

I love a good cherry cupcake! Cup of tea – check- comfortable and warm seat – check – favourite TV programme – check – cherry cupcake – double check! Here is how you make my famous cherry cupcakes: Ingredients: 115g Caster Sugar 115g Butter 2 Free Range Eggs 15g Ground Almonds 115g Plain Flour 1… More »

Welcome to the very first tutorial ever created by Jennifer’s Cakes. Have you ever wondered how bakers and cake decorators make those cute little roses that they place on top of their cupcakes or use for decoration on their big wedding cakes? These roses are so darling that I have called them ‘Charm Roses’. Charm… More »

If you’re looking for a selection of naughty but nice hen party or stag cupcakes then please give me a call on 07984673033 for a free, no obligation consultation. Cupcakes are really the staple when planning a hen party. They bring a group (who may not previously know each other) together. When a hen party… More »

Do you want to make the perfect meringues every time?   Well follow this fool proof recipe for the perfect meringues and it will never let you down.   The ingredients are simple. All you need is: 4 Organic Free Range Egg Whites (at room temperature) 115g Caster Sugar 115g Icing Sugar